In 2002 during my routine train journey I met with a girl and our relation grew more than being a friend.Later I came to know that she is 3yrs elder to me. When she proposed to me, I rejected her as I couldn’t accept an elder girl as my wife. Her family came to know about our relation (sexual relation) and they forced me to marry her. But I openly told my decision and we parted in the year 2005. Last year we again came into contact and we continued our relation. This time she told that she will not object my marriage with any other girl and we will just be friends. But our relation was caught red handed. Now she and her family is again forcing me to marry her and threatening me. I have not changed my earlier stand…I can’t accept a girl elder to me as my wife….please advice me on this situation

“Fun never comes free.” When you met second time you both knew the status of your relationship and still went on for fun, I suppose. Now you are being asked to pay for it. You may stick to your decision and at the same time convey her relatives about her consent for not getting married to her. If she knew that you are not going to marry her before hand and now putting pressure to get married, she is exploiting the situation. You should not succumb to such pressure.