I married last year. I was with my husband for 8 months. Now I have left him and living with parents since last 4 months. My husband is suffering from Psychological problems, but he & his parents don’t accept it. He wants sex daily at night for 4-5 times & does not let me sleep. Sometimes he threatens me that he will hang himself to the fan. Sometimes he said he would cut his penis & testes. Sometimes he asked me to come with him to a temple & on the way he asked me who I was & where we were going. He would say he doesn’t know me. When my parents asked him why he did all these things he said he loved me too much & would just wanted me to listen to him & do whatever he wanted me to. Plz advise me if he is suffering from some psychological problem & if he can be cured. Thanks very much.

Small case history like this, is not sufficient to come to any conclusion but it gives an impression that he might be suffering from some psychotic Disorder (may be Schizophrenia). However, you should take him to Psychiatrist or you alone should go and discuss the case in detail for getting final diagnosis. Mental illnesses are treatable provided one takes regular treatment.