I m with one year married house wife. Before marriage I was working. I left the job due to marriage. My married life is not so happy. As normally we both r very good in everything but sometimes such things occur that I can’t resist my anger n begin shouting. Which my husband hates. Though I try to control my anger but I m unable to do it. Sometimes he remains total silent while I use to scold him which increases my anger more. And when he starts scolding me, I go totally uncontrollable. I just want to cry, cry n cry. But he has no effect .that time I miss my family a lot. I just want that somebody will love me ,give me a hug so that I will b calm down but at time my husband scolds me a lot and I feel I should die now. I want to take sleeping pills so tat at time if I will feel asleep means automatically my anger will go down. Like others girls I also dreamed of a happy, romantic, peaceful married life but now I think I m unable to make my husband happy. I just irritate him. I catch anger whenever my dream is not fulfilled, or if he tells something abt my family. He is 6 years elder than me. He doesn’t like to go out anywhere. Every holiday we use to sit at home only. Whenever he wants he have sex otherwise not. But still he is better than me in many aspects. I can’t share my problems with anybody. Sometimes he tells me to take divorce, but I don’t want. So tell me tat how can I control my anger will have a happy married life.

Both of you have contradictory personality traits. You seem to be sensitive and very emotional, while he seems to be mature and introverted.Your aggressiveness is a part of your personality. I think both of you need to work out on nature differences. You have to go for anger management which includes psychotherapy, relaxation exercises like cooling pranayams, meditation,  progressive muscle relaxation, self hypnosis etc.