I’m in love with a girl but she already had a lover before. I entered in her life and she told she dropped her love for him before I came. Now I came to know about her past without her telling me. When I asked why she hided it from me after we became friends she told that she didn’t want to lose me. Now one year later we are in love, love in such a way that we both can’t live without each other. But at times I get reminded about her past and get irritated over her. Even I had sex with many girls before committed to her, but she told she didn’t have intercourse with her past lover. I by my whole heart started loving her. We both fell in love after being friends for an year. She has told everything about her past, she was really a good woman. But I haven’t told her about my sex with other girls before she came to my life. Now the problem is why I’m getting reminded about her past and pulling fights now. In a day those thoughts come to my mind at least once and I’ll make her cry. She’ll beg me. I want to stop this but I’m not this kind of guy at all. I loved her to keep her happy. Please doctor if you can give correct answer I’ll worship you as God, because I don’t want this to continue after marriage. I know she’s pure; she’s like my mother .But now my stupid mind is ruining my love. She’s really the best woman for me. Her love for me is true and so mine. We both are too possessive on each other. I’ll get scared when she crosses the road and I get irritated when someone looks her. She’s double the time possessive on me. I’ve opened my heart to you. Please help me get rid of those doubting and thinking habits.

This is always an issue with males! Whatever they do with other girls is their right (!!) and they can never tolerate any such fling of their partner.Morally, you do not have right to hurt her by repeatedly raising her past. Accept her past and forgive her for the same. Even thoughts may come but you need not to always clarify with her or torture her. Exercise self control over thoughts and it’s discussion with her. If you really think that she is a nice woman then does not she deserve forgiveness on this issue?! Just think about it.