I m 26 yrs old finance professional. I’m in one sided love with a girl from childhood. She is 22yr now, n in love with a person aged about 35 years from last 7 years. Four years back this person married to another girl & now he is father of 3 years old baby. Before six month, I express my feelings to the girl & she accepts that. But her buddy is still blackmailing her emotionally. & saying her that he is ready to divorce his wife and want to merry her. but she is not accepting that & always crying. I am mad for her & I thought if she is happy with him then I m ready to go just to make her happy. Now she don’t want to loose me & she is still in touch with that guy. Few days back she told me,” she is not in love with me & that was only an attraction, BUT SHE IS EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED WITH ME that hurts me a lot.. Now my nights are sleepless & too much troublesome. plz suggest me what should I do.. Because still I love this girl & want to make her HAPPY.. & She don’t want to loose me…….. PLZ Reply ME on priority basis. Otherwise, it may cause any serious problem for me.

 On one hand you said that she does not love you (she told me," she is not in love with me & that was only an attraction) and on other hand you said that she does not want to loose you that means she is interested in support that she gets from you but not marrying you. If that person is interested in marrying her then he should have married her in first time only. I’m sure She must have thought this. I don’t think only his blackmailing keep her in relationship, she might have her personal needs in continuing it. You should discuss your plan with her in detail and ask her to give you answer in fix frame of time. Do not stretch your feeling beyond that and take final decision, may be tough one.