I’m 24 year old girl. I’m doing master degree. I have some psychological problem. I’m suffering these from 7 years since I was in 12th. I get angry very easily. I have no control on my mind. I’m feeling like my mind is not supporting me. Sometimes when I’m in tension or anger, I feel like killing someone in my home; especially my mother. I feel so many burdens on my mind. New changes cannot be accepted by my mind. I’m always afraid to do new things. I was good in study in earlier days. But from 12th, my memory is going down. I always feel my mind is not in my control. I told all these things to my parents but they always say that this cannot happen. You don’t want to do anything so you are saying this. I want to consult psychiatrist. BUT they are not allowing me. pls tell me what should I do? Sometimes I cry a lot without any reason when I’m alone. My mind always thinks so many things at a time; even I cannot take a single decision.

You have problem of anxiety and impulse control. Both of these could be a part of your personality. Consultation with psychiatrist will definitely help you but at present if you are not able to go for that, then try to follow this. Start learning relaxation exercises like Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Shabasan etc. Do physical exercises, including aerobics. Breathing exercises and Pranayams can also help you. Self-Hypnosis can also help. If you do not have any one to teach you these methods, do write back; I can send you these exercises.