I’m 23 yr old girl. I got engaged with a person 6 months back. Right now he is staying in USA. Before we got engaged he used to call me often but after that he started calling once in a week. I thought he might be busy that’s why he is not calling and whenever I ask him why you are not calling he always says I’m busy. I don’t have any affairs in my past life and he loved one girl in his college days but she didn’t love him and she got married with another guy and presently he also doesn’t have any affairs. Always we both had limited conversations like about our school life, our relationships and friends nothing more than that. On one day suddenly he stopped talking with me I don’t know why? I called him but he didn’t pick my call and I have sent a mail. There was no response to that mail also. Later on my dad called his dad and explained the whole thing. His father talked with me and he found that there is mistake from my side. Then that guy called me one day and he said sorry to me. I asked the reason why he has stopped talking with me. Then he said you are always asking why you are not calling? So I stopped talking to you. But I didn’t felt happy with his talk. There is no any confession in his words, next to that I never asked him why you are not calling but again he is repeating the same thing now. He always tries to insult me through his words. In his talk I didn’t find any affection towards me. My parents are saying don’t worry after marriage definitely he will change. Really I’m very depressed about this situation, now I’m in a dilemma whether I should marry him or not. In fact I’m feeling helpless in this situation. Please suggest me in this regard. In next month we are getting knotted. I’m requesting please give me reply as soon as possible…..

I do not understand what keeps you in this relation? It is an illusion that everything gets alright after marriage. You need to think twice before you go ahead.