I’m 21 years old studying MBA. I’m very silent in nature. I’m unable to interact with the people around me. Regarding marriage I don’t have special interest for it. I’m not motivated to the boys of my class but motivated to one of my faculties, who is of 26 yrs. I want his attention to me and also want to be friendly with him, but the situation is quite opposite. I have very less interaction with him. In between he left the job for doing his further studies; at the same time one of my friends has been close to him. Seeing her I too sent mails to him and also sent missed calls by mistake. This had created a bad impression of mine. Now he has returned to our collage and is taking our classes as a guest faculty but not my papers. I’m not interacting with him now. I feel depressed. I’m sure that I’m not in love but some other liking. I want his attention towards me but how?

I think you should meet him personally and clarify about your missed calls. You cannot get his attention without establishing communication with him, except you are attractive enough to draw his attention.