I love a guy like crazy. we both r living in the same hostel…we eat with each other…we study med in d same class.. WE HAVE SEX EVERY DAY…in fact he is d 1 who took my virginity. But HE IS REFUSING TO CALL ME HIS GIRLFRIEND HE SAID AM JUST A FRIEND AND HE SAID HE DOES NOT LOVE ME. AM JUST THERE COZ THERE IS NO ONE ELSE TO MESS AROUND WITH…I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO? I REALLY WANT HIM TO MARRY ME. I WANT HIM TO FEEL FOR ME…WHAT I SHALL DO PLEASE. WE 24h/7 with each other since 1 year.

Strange. When he is so clear about not loving you and not even acknowledging you as a friend then what keeps you in this relationship?!  He must be considering you as a sexual object and using you to satisfy his sexual needs. He is not considering you as a friend then marrying you is out of question. Accept this reality and try to get out of this as soon as possible. Stop sexual relations immediately. I know it is difficult while staying in same hostel but you must realize that it is your sexual exploitation and you must put an end to it. you have to develop this much of strength at least.