I have just turned 18, last month. I am a student. My father expired when I was 8. After that my uncle (mother’s cousin) looked after me as my mom was not earning and financial position was not much good. He is 45 and divorced but doesn’t have a child. Everybody is now looking for my marriage as my mother doesn’t want any further gratitude of uncle. But everyone wants me to marry my uncle. He was very depressed and alone. Also he has looked after me a lot. He is also expecting that I should become his wife. Mother says, “it will be good that I will remain in family only after marriage and also and he will take good care of me. We should also show some gratitude and she’ll be happy to see me to be a mother of his children. I have not refused her as I can’t say no to my mom and I understand that it’s a genuine financial problem and early marriage is must. But I am not being able to prepare me for the marriage. Should I marry him? I can’t refuse everyone. Especially my mother wants me to agree for this marriage. What should I do?

This is disgusting on your mother’s and your uncle’s part. They should not play with your life like this. If I would be in your place, I would have not married to him. He must have done lot for you but then also he should not have dream like this. You should not succumb to such kind of emotional blackmailing.