I have done a lot of big mistakes in my life and now I really want to end my life. I was never serious for studies. In school days I had a bad habit of stealing money from home and eating delicacies or spending on friends. Then at secondary I changed my marks in 11th class report card. Then in engg I felt I was in love with a guy. But now that also am confused I was in love or that was just an attraction or urge coz all my friends had boyfriends. I was serious for my studies in engg first and second year. But then because of this I got distracted. I have broken up with that guy now. I found that he did this with many other girls. But in those few months of relation I had physical relationship with him. I didn’t have complete sex and didn’t loose my virginity but I had physical relationship 2 times. I am a very emotional kind of person, too emotional. But he played with my emotions. Now u can understand how I am feeling. it’s been a long time after our break up but every time some bad events happen, my mind flash backs to those mistakes. My life’s biggest mistakes. I am sure u will not create any problems but still am scared. I am unable to know what will happen if the person I choose as my life partner will know. I know there are less chances of knowing. But I feel like I should say it. Please suggest me something. And help me forget the person who played with my emotions. Thank you a lot.

You are suffering because of guilt ridden nature. It is a part of your personality. In my opinion you have cluster 2 personality. This makes you impulsive, emotionally fragile, dependent in relationship, guilty, demanding, rebellion to an extent etc. You may seek psychiatrist’s help to understand this. In a view of your personality, you should honestly confess your past at the onset of relationship. Confession will give you mental relief from the guilt.