I have completed 1 year of marriage. It was an arranged marriage. I work in a private firm. My husband works in a big MNC. He does not care about my stress or the amount of travelling which I have to do everyday or never encourages me on my job. He thinks my earning is not sufficient enough to take care of the future. He keeps badmouthing my family members. He is very much influenced by his mother. He thinks that as because I am not able to help him financially or daily basis I am of no use to him although he earns a very big substantial amount and is in a reputed position. I cannot leave my job because my father is retired and my brother is still studying. And more importantly I feel that whatever I do or try my husband never appreciates. Nowadays he doesn’t support me emotionally also. All he thinks is about money. I feel like going into depression day by day, as I was a very cheerful and fun loving girl before. He doesn’t respect my family members. He keeps criticizing in each and every household work I do. Please suggest me what should I do now.

He seems to be a greedy guy and for him money matters the most. The way he emphasizes and comments on your financial matters, it is quite evident. Moreover, he lacks respect for you. Apart from money matters, he must be having certain other issues with you. Try to figure out these issues and discuss with him showing your intention to strengthen your relationship. You should try to convince him that you are ready to leave your job but at the same time you want to work and support your family.