I have been married for almost 8 months now. My husband does not have interest in sex ,I have tried to speak to my husband many a times but he just keeps quite saying he does have interest. From day one he has been using fingers and never tried to do anything further than that. I feel bad because of this and have told him many a times but he does not react to whatever I say and I am really feeling bad and am really hurt by this behaviour of his. Whenever I try to tell him he either keeps quite or says that he is also interested in sex. I really do not understand his behaviour and am really depressed because of this. Doctor what could be the reason because of which he does want to do the entire thing while in bed and just uses fingers.

Most common reasons are Erectile Dysfunction (not getting erection hard enough to penetrate) and Premature Ejaculation (discharges semen before getting in to proper act). Talk to him about your desire and suggest him to seek medical advise. You should be very cautious about not blaming or hurting him during this conversation. However, you put your desire in such a way that he has to pay attention to it. You have to address this issue very smartly but firmly.