I have an affair with a guy from last 8 years. He is an Engg. So am I and after college he did job n I did MBA. Now we have told our parents about it, firstly my parents were not ready as the guy is financially not too strong as we are…but now they are ready. They are not too happy with it. Our roka is in next month. But now the problem is that I am not too happy as our relationship is changing…v both are having fights almost everyday, he wants me to b more homely like typical working at home kinds along with job. I want a bit modern life like both working and seeing after home together. And along with it there are many more issues. Now I am kind of 50-50.shud I marry him or not. I do love him so he does but we are confused. All our relatives also know about it now. plz reply

After 8 years of relationship if both of you are not on consensus about such vital issues, you should rethink about your decision of marriage. If he is expecting typical homely wife then you can not talk about ‘both working and seeing after home together’. You should openly and honestly discuss all your differences. See his attitude and then decide how far he goes to compromise with such issues. Before you call off give him fare chance to understand your needs and expectations.