I have a personnel problem. I am a working woman. One of my cousins proposed me, immediately I told my mother regarding this. One day my cousin called my mom and asked about matter, she said no and moreover I also felt ok. My brothers, Ram and Ravi both are happy with mom’s decision, so they rejected him. After some days they said yes and accepted him. Suddenly one day I felt may be he is not the right person for me, the reason behind this is, my cousin’s looks are very bad compared to me ( that’s the reason my brothers said no again then said yes) I rejected him. After that cousins came to my home to discuss regarding this and blamed me and said it’s wrong on your part. After few days again I said yes. I fought with my family regarding this and at last my cousin’s family is ready now, but still not satisfied with the decision I have taken. I am feeling as if I am compromising my self and accepting him, and some where I am not happy with this. Now cousin’s family is coming to ask to my brothers regarding marriage, now what should I do. I can’t even tell them that I am not interested and I can’t fully accept him. The only thing I can do is wait for the family’s decision and accept what ever it may be ( I think most probably my mother and brothers will get convinced and accept my cousin ) So what should I do now. I don’t have that much courage to talk with my parents and tell ‘No I don’t want this’ and nor to anyone in the family (reason for this is relations will spoil) I don’t know what to do in this situation (but my cousin is not my kind of person and he is very nice person)

If you do not like him and if it is compromised decision then you should stop this marriage. It is better to spoil one relation than spoiling the whole life. If you do not have guts to convey your decision then take at least one family member into confidence, open your heart to him/her and then ask his/her help to convince others.