I have a friend whom I know through chatting for past 8 years and we started meeting each other only before 2 years. She is 23 years old. We were very close, discussing about almost all the things. Before 1 year, we use to talk for more than 8 hrs/day and that was a time when I was searching for job. After that I got into a company and shifted from Chennai to Bangalore and I could’t talk as we did previously. Because of this we often get into fights and always start quarrelling. She is very possessive and very sentimental and that’s the big problem for me. Now, she is threatening me that I should not get married to someone else and if that happens, she keeps telling that she may end her life. Please advice as to what I have to do. Because of this, I am also loosing my peacefulness.

You have not mentioned that whether you wanted to marry her initially and then taking a back step or you are not interested and she is compelling you through threat. If you were doing a time pass then you have choose a wrong one. She must have developed emotional dependence and in such case it is very difficult for her to face rejection. However, you should not succumb to her threats. One can not agree to marry on such threats. It is a kind of emotional blackmailing and that may run through out the span of your relationship in various forms, once feared.