I got married this year (14 Feb 2009), I am an Interior designer, working woman, it’s a love marriage, and my husband is a businessman. My in laws (Mother in law& both sister in law) doesn’t want me to carry on the job as their conception for “wife” is fully backward, i.e. –she should do household works, should stay at home, basically she dislikes working woman. They always pressurize me (indirectly) to leave the job; they act very politely in front of their son while starts abusing me in his absence. We can’t leave home as he can’t shift his business. He has to leave everything if he leaves home (business too) as told by his parents. Though I spent a little time but in this time they never leave a second & start insulting & misbehave with me. I am not that kind of girl to behave like dumb, or ignore what they say, I feel bad; I am hurt with their behavior, I can’t engulf this much. They have crossed all their limits; we are unable to fight against them. Situations are getting worse day by day. I lost all the hopes of living happily. Please help.

You did not mention your husband’s stand. If he is supporting you for your carrier then you need to ignore other’s dislike for it. Take your husband’s help to convince them. If your husband is not supportive then you are in miserable condition.