I got married a year ago, but the irony is that we both have not had intercourse till now. It was an arranged marriage and we both love each other and that is the reason that we are still together. It’s a long story but to cut short, in the initial days my husband used to work 7 days a week as he is into family business of construction so he used to return home tired. So, he didn’t use to feel arousal. Gradually we realised that we are heading for a big problem as it became a problem as the time passed. We tried to solve the problem on our own. Then after 4 months my in laws got to know about the issue and then we met a good sexologist as my husband felt some erectile dysfunction. But he remained busy thereafter too and we could not attempt sexual activity as frequent we were advised to do. Then we came to know that he had high blood sugar levels & a liver problem. A problem led to another! He wasn’t able to spare much time + there were more than one grave problem now. He got depressed and me too. He got under depression and then took 2 months to come out of this. Now it has been more than a month that he is ok and we are again trying for it. Now, he has good erection but still we have not had intercourse. I went to gynaecologist to get my vagina checked. She told that I have a septum that must be removed, then we went another gynaec, she said that there is no septum & it’s just fear in me, but I don’t think so. We are still trying but in vain. Kindly advise what should we do?

You should consult Psychiatrist.