I dialed a wrong no. A girl picks up d phone, I asked her “is Sharon there?” she said no, and then I impressed her with my 99-1% theory of boys, that 99% of boys are like this and all that stuff. In addition, she told me to call after an hour. We talked further and the same night she confessed love. “GENUINELY”. For a week, we flocked together until we split. {No sex}.exactly 5 days later my friend called her. Moreover, she again confessed love to him “genuinely”.Now it has been a year that they are into a relationship and love each other. now my questions to u r.. 1. WAS HER LOVE GENUINE. 2. COULD YOU EXPLAIN THIS PSYCHE OF WOMEN?

It is her psyche not a psyche of women. All women will not do like this.
Genuineness of her love is difficult to judge from this short description. Committing to another person within 5 days of separation is something against genuineness.