I am Sundar. I loved a girl named Rita. She also loved me. But as days passed when my friends started to come to my home, she started her attention towards them. She won’t come and talk to them but she will simply come before them and try to catch their attraction. I proposed her one day knowing that she loves me. She said we are friends. Then we didn’t talk for more than 6 months. After that we started talking. She knows that still I love her. But she behaved the same way when one of my friends came. I asked her whether you like any of my friends in anger. She said nothing like that. I don’t know whether she is telling the truth or pretending just because I was angry. She is doing the same thing again. She herself is now coming and talking to me. But I don’t know whether she really wants my friendship or just .I’m in a fully confused state…I don’t know what to do….not able 2 ask my friends….not able 2 sleep. Thinking it over and over again….Please anyone can tell me what I have to do.

Yours is one sided love. Come out of this and stop talking to her. Her behavior is making you suspicious, do not pollute your mind by keeping relationship with her.