I am really embarrassed to ask you such kind question; I love a girl & we have been in a relation for more than three years but recently I just came to know about her past. She only told me everything & I am glad for her honesty but the thing which she told me is shocking. When she was around 7 or 8 year old at that time she was sexually abused by her three cousins & that to complete sex & this continued for complete three years continuously now around 14 years have been passed but I wanted to ask a few questions regarding on the same. Also recently she was suffering with some stomach problem & after observing under medical treatment doctor said it may because of TB and she has taken one year medication course. Now she is better than before but sometime still she face stomach problem. 1. I want to ask you is this problem occurred because of childhood mistake. 2. What is your opinion regarding on the same issue? 3. There would be any health problem which she may suffer now or in future? 4. In above given case, what kind of problem person may face in life physically & mentally? Kindly reply me sir as I love her so much & if possible then I want to marry her. I am sad to hear these things, please reply me sir.

Her Tuberculosis (TB) or any physical illness is not related to this.  And if you can accept her with her past then you can go ahead with her. There cannot be any future health problem, except mental trauma that she might be suffering from that time.