I am married with two children 24/19 respectively with 25 years of married life. My wife right from the beginning was doubting my relationship with any women I met. Off late after 20 years of married life, I was carried away and one of my female colleagues helped me and supported me emotionally, but soon after I was transferred to distant location in India but we maintained telephonic relationship. Otherwise also our relation was never physical. Off late I come back to place but totally different Office, we myself and my friend resolved not talk much so we seldom talk but my wife continues to ignore me. Finally I decided to limit me to myself, we live in the same house as strangers very seldom we talk but take care of her requirement. Physically we discontinued for last few years as she desired for the same. I don’t know where we are heading to, my daughter is of marriageable age our relationship is affecting her also.

Your wife may have mental problem (Paranoid disorder or Personality problem). Consult psychiatrist nearby with or without her to discuss how to go about it.