I am married for 12 years and have a Son of 11 years old. Since last 3 years, I am involved in extra marital affairs, i.e. to a married woman having 2 young children who is staying opposite to my Flat. She almost hates her Husband and ready to do anything for me. She is crazy for me. My wife never interested in sex and she is angry every time. She suspect me a bit, but till date she don’t have any concrete evidence. We used have intercourse once in a month only. Now, I understand all the reality, and want to live with my wife only. I want to avoid the women I am having an affair. She even kill me, if I say this to her. She is a professional and very decent in society. I want to come out of her. Please guide me.

It seems that both of you have entered in extra marital affairs for different needs. Majority of women seek emotional support and concern from extra marital relations, while men have primarily physical interest, in such relations. Women will always remain more attached then men in such relations (exceptions are always there!) and more so if her emotional needs are satisfied. What you interpret as craziness for you, might be her emotional dependency on you. In such condition, she may react wildly to your back steps in relation and that is what exactly you are anticipating. So you need to do this gradually but surely (if you really wish to do so, otherwise there are incidences of going back and forth). Reduce your involvement in her personal matters and ultimately stop. Do not talk long and daily. Stop sending any emotional signals. She may react wildly; emotionally or in a threatening way but you need to remain steady in your approach.
I do not know why you want to call off this relation but I hope it is not because you had what you wanted and now loosing interest. If this is the case then it is emotional cheating on your part. Please remember this and do not do this to anyone.