I am in love for the past 5 years. Now I am 20. I know him when I was 15 and started loving from 16. We love each truly and most sincerely. There is no problem in our love or affection. In beginning even, I used to think whether I love him for infatuation or truly but I could judge love. Our love as the most matured. I met him in chat. In chat, I had given all false details about me like age; qualification etc. after chatting we never had even phone contacts. Then after a year when I was in my vacation of 10standard, I called him for just talk for time pass, as I had no faith in chat friends. However, he was extremely good and gentle. I liked his friendship so it continued. He also liked me very much. After talking in phone for about three months, we decided to meet. He liked me more when he met me. Then after six months, he proposed to me but I refused in the beginning though I loved him then later accepted him without knowing why love him simply… and our relation continues with more love. We do have sexual relation occasionally. However, the problem is I made a mistake by not revealing my real details to him. In the beginning for about six month, I didn’t bother to tell as I didn’t take this friendship seriously but from the day 1 I fell in love with him my conscious is pricking me for not telling the truth. I tried to speak to him the truth. I feel delicate to tell him fearing whether he might leave me because I cannot imagine a life without him. He is my breath. My details may not be true but my love is true. The actual age difference between us is 11 but he believes to be 7 yr. like this there are lot of false details about me… in due course I had started living with false details itself, it got registered in me. Because of this my academics is much spoiled. I am not able to remember what I talk or see. However, when I get this guilty conscious I behave like a mad fight with him for no reason and ask him to get away but soon I beg him not to leave me. I tried to attempt suicide also as I could not get rid of guilty conscious. I need him at any cost. Please suggest me how to gain him and to explain everything and make understand that I love more than anything in this world does

When you love each other truly and most sincerely, why you should fight on issue like this?! This gives me a feeling that love that you are portraying in this mail is not the same from his side. If he really loves you then these things should not matter to him, once you have clarified.
You need to find out that whether he is loosing interest in you. This is very common when sex is involved in premarital relationship.
You need him at any cost; this shows your emotional dependence on him. Try to explain him every thing very honestly, he should understand if he is sensible and interested in you. Otherwise start preparing yourself for being dumped. Attempting suicide is not a solution to this. If you still have an urge to kill yourself as a solution, you need to seek professional help of Psychiatrist.