I am having very close relation with my brother, who is not related by blood. But he is more important and close to me than blood relations, as he has been with me at every ups and down of my life and same is with me. Few days before he wanted me to be very close to him like I am only his and nobody else have the right to be close to me. I could not refuse him due to reason he would be angry with me. And eventually we got that close for which he is very much regretting now. I am not able to understand what to do and what not. He is not acting normal. He is younger to me and I’ve always seen him as a child but I don’t understand how should I act now? pls help I really need it as I am under mental stress and suffering from migraine due to it. I can’t share this to anybody.

Both of you did it knowingly, now show the maturity to accept it rather than regret it. If he is the only one who is feeling guilty (as you have not mentioned about your feelings) then help him to come out of the guilt by considering it as an impulsive act under natural desire.