I am going around with a guy of the same age but different caste, for the last 3 yrs. We love each other a lot. We want to marry once we are settled with the job. My parents know everything and they don’t have any probs with this relationship but my boyfriend’s parents are not ready to accept me coz they read my msg which I had sent to my bf. I wrote few things, which was disrespectful for his parents. I did that coz my bf didn’t tell much about me to his parents coz he was thinking 1st to settle down with his career so that nobody can object this relationship. Now things r out of my hands. Please advice me what to do. My bf is not sure whether his parents would accept me or not, after 3 yrs. As we r thinking of marrying after 3 yrs. He cannot leave his parents neither he can leave me. Should I meet his parents and ask for forgiveness. Will this help us.

You should have not used disrespectful words for his parents. You should meet them and sincerely apologize for the same. Try to explain the circumstances under you have sent that msg. At the same time, ask your BF to talk to his parents that how firm he is about his decision to marry you. He should back you at every step you take to apologize.