I am from India and met an Indian guy who is been staying in USA for past 5 years through one of the matrimonial site. He has one younger sister who is now married and staying in Europe. We have been talking to each other from last nine month or so and I am very emotionally attached to him(thinking of living without him makes me horrible) and we were even planning to get married in three months time. Everything was going very smoothly until he told me that once before his sister’s marriage while she was coming out of the bathroom after bath her towel slipped and he got aroused seeing her. Later his sister told me that he even touched her private parts. When I enquired him about this, he told me that they even had sex that day and later continued this relationship until she got married. Moreover, even after her marriage they still had for a few times. And don’t regret having this relationship. He had earlier told me about all his girl friends and his experiences with them to me but this relationship with his sister has shocked me. Though this might be common in US but being from India, I am not able to take this lightly. Though he insists, (even she says so) that he loves me and wants to marry me. However, I am so shocked to learn this that I am not able to decide what I should do. I appreciate their honesty but thinking of sleeping on the same bed he used to sleep with his sister is making me sick. Please advice whether I should continue with him and marry him or leave him. Waiting for your reply

This is weird. Although sexual relationship amongst cousins is common but real brother/sister is shocking for anyone. If it is solely because of arousal on seeing her nude, it should have ended in guilt. Nevertheless, continuing it and that too after marriage is something truly unacceptable. Moreover, they are still justifying and trying to convince you is quiet disturbing. You sound to be very sensitive on the issue (there is nothing wrong in that) and hence won’t be able to forget this incidence. In that case, it is always better to leave him rather then remaining painfully attached. This decision might be painful at the moment but on longer run it will grant you peace.