I am deeply in love with a girl. She is all I could ask for but she had an extremely traumatic past because of which she could never focus on her education. As a result she is late by 5 yrs in her education and she doesn’t know English that well either. However we are working on it and we have got her registered to private schooling. All that I have said till now was the data. My problem is that I am unable to make her meet my friends or my family as the above reasons will lead them to think ill of her. Am I wrong in not having the courage to tell everyone that we are together despite whatever problems she has? Should I wait till she is finishes her education? Moreover, if my parents come to know about her they will go berserk and I cannot even imagine the consequences. Am I wrong in having a relationship with a girl my parents would not approve of?

If you love her, then you have to show the courage to accept that in front of others. You cannot hide her from reality. You have to present her to your friends in her current status and to show your commitment towards her by standing beside her. About reaction of your parents, you should have thought earlier; now you have to prepare yourself to face them.