I am confused with my state of mind. I’m a short-tempered person and have observed from last 2 –3 months I did not lose my temper at all. However, after a long time on a very small issue I busted like anything. I do things like making the other person scare by threatening him that I will commit suicide. In addition, in the process of threatening, I actually push myself for suicide, which results, into very bad state. Before making an attempt I make sure that the person would save me. On the other days, I’m absolutely fine. Nevertheless, when I’m angry I really loose myself and do anything, which I really don’t want to do and do it to scare the other person. May be to show my anger. I want to know what is the solution to come out of this is and the reason why I do this.

There are many causes for this type of aggressive and attention seeking behaviour. Personality (Borderline, Histrionic etc), impulse control disorders, Depression etc are most common. However, it is difficult to judge underlying factors from such brief details. It is not a bad idea to consult psychiatrist and work out on this.