I am an 18 year old boy coming from very middle class family, who is trusted by all and respected too. But when I see my self I think I have no right to live any more. My mom is so caring; my girlfriend loves me more than any one can do. And I’m cheating them every day, every second. I watch damn porn and worst pictures one can’t even think about. I don’t want to do all this but suddenly I loose control over me and start doing all those sins. Now days I have gone so worse that in public my mind start thinking of those damn shit. I want to overcome this situation. Give a solution or I would commit suicide. Because with this burden, I can’t face my mom and my love any more. Please help me Dr

I think you have developed compulsion to see pornography. Rather than feeling guilty about this, you should seek Psychiatrist’s help to come out of this. Remember it is not sin but it is an obsession followed by compulsion.