I am a 46 year old successful, Banker by profession. I am married with a 16 year old daughter. My wife prefers to live in a world of her own in the same flat, does not stay in the same room with me. We do not have any conflict amongst us. Her indifference is making me sad and emotionally void. 2 yrs back one of my lady colleagues (married with a son), who is extremely beautiful and smart got entangled in a career threatening office problem. Everybody in the region turned their face on her, as nobody wanted to harm their career because of her. I openly supported her, and successfully took her through the ordeal and made her win .We became very good friends. She left our company and joined a competitor company. She could not do without speaking to me for a day, and meet me at least in a week. I started falling in love for her .Even though she was from a competitor company I helped her a lot in her profession. Recently without even telling me she poached one of my top performers. On confronting her she initially feigned ignorance, and later on accepted it as routine. She promised me that she will never poach from my business clients ever .Off late I find she has been using my ex staff to set up appointments with my top clients and divert them to her company. I confronted her with this breach of trust, once again she said she was not aware, and also said that we should not bring up such issues to spoil our relationship. Should I consider this lady to be a true friend or a ruthless business lady taking advantage of me? How to deal with the situation?

I think, she is taking your advantage. Handle her smartly keeping your cards close to your chest. If you cannot do this, then stay away from her.