I am a 27yrs old female. I am in a relationship with one of my relatives since 5 yrs. My parents have accepted the marriage and his parents are not accepting. Now his mother is threatening that she will commit suicide if he marries me. We both are totally depressed and we really have no idea what to do? She believes in horoscope and some astrologer told her that he will die if this marriage happens. When I showed our horoscopes to 2-3 astrologers they said it is absolutely fine. Also there is one more issue. As I told you earlier we are relatives and in 1 way we are cousins and in other relation his mother becomes my sister. She is strongly against to it. I spoke to her to convince her but that was a disaster. She scolded me very badly. Now my boy friend is asking for a conversation between my parents and his parents. But I am really scared now. What will happen to my parents if she scolds them badly in front of all our relatives .My father is at 65yrd age and he is a very well reputed person in our family. Please suggest what can be done?

According to what you have mentioned here, you have already done whatever you could in this, now it is his turn to take a stand about what he wishes to do either go against his mother or leave the relation. Also if you are apprehensive about his mother’s behavior demining your father reputation as she did to you, then you may openly tell him about how u feel.