I am a 26-year girl and its 6 months since that I have married. To my shock, I’ve found that my husband is a diabetic patient and he has hide it from us. To add this we never had a sexual life since the day we got married for which my husband said excuses that sex is not important in life sort of things but when tested its found that he has an hormonal disorder. Even though I could bear with all this until day, he talks many lies, makes up things in such a way that he is right. Shall I continue my life with him? If he has a kid, could it have juvenile diabetes? I am frightened about it

He should have disclosed his Diabetic status before marriage. His sexual inadequacies may be related to his Diabetes. Hormonal problems are life long and he has to take corrective medicines for lifetime. Are you prepared for this? Moreover, are you prepared for compromised sexual life? You have to take final decision, keeping these two important points in mind.
Diabetes can be inherited and his child may end up having it at any stage of life.