I am a 24 yr old lady, got married last year. Before marriage my in-law’s behavior was very good towards me. But from the very next day their reaction towards me was opposite, though my husband loved me a lot but he is unable to tell anything I don’t know why. Later they asked me not to have contact with my parents or go to meet them, often my mother-in-law used to tell what my parents have done and what they have given me. She often took me to her relative’s house & ask me to do work like cleaning, mopping etc. Once my parents came and asked them the reason for such behavior for that my in law said our time is not good now. On that very day I came to my parents house but the very next I was about to go back but mean while my father-in-law called my parents and told that how dare you tell us all the things, you have given your daughter to us now she must obey us. After that one day I went to my in laws house and asked my mother-in-law to allow me to take few of my dresses as some marriage was nearing but on that very day my father-in-law told that you can take all your things but only after court’s decision-means after divorce. This side my husband says I will die without you but he can never go against his parents. Another side his parent’s don’t allow me. Now the problem has really has come to divorce and my husband has really said he won’t divorce me. I am unable to understand that in this situation what I should do because my husband told me many a times that”I can’t leave without you”. Please suggest me.

I think they might had some materialistic expectations from your parents which were not met. Now they are indirectly creating pressure. Your husband might be supporting them by remaining inactive and at the same time maintaining good image in your eyes. You have to ask your husband to support you against them or divorce you. This will act as an indirect pressure tactic on him and he may become active in the issue.