I am a 24 year old female. I have never been in a serious relationship. The 1st time I had sex was while I was drunk. Ever since then the only time I am willing to have sex is when I am drunk, and even then I still do not feel comfortable. My second problem is that I am a little over weight and I try to lose weight but as soon as I start to notice that I am looking and feeling better I sabotage it all. I believe that I am afraid of men, sex, and relationships.. Even though I have mostly all male friends who treat me as one of the guys which I love most of the time but then hate at the same time.. Is there something I am doing wrong or maybe do I need some professional help.

You might be having repressed sexuality. Under the influence of alcohol, one feels disinhibited and act out on their inhibitions. But you are not comfortable with it, most of all your friends are male, they treat you as a guy and you love that most of the time, all these gives me a feeling that you may have gender identity problem. You should go to Psychiatrist and discus your issues. You may try online therapy also.
Keeping up the commitment is one of the most important problem in loosing weight. So you are not alone to face this problem. Set your target weight and work towards achieving that. Once achieved, work towards maintaining it. Never feel guilty about gaining again but be immediately active to loose that gain, right from single kg. gain.