I am a 24-year-old boy. I have an affair with a girl for the last 2 years. We have sexual relationship too. Recently, I forced her to reveal everything about her past so that we can trust each other more strongly. She told me about her past relationship with a guy 5 years back. She also told me that once she got intimate with that guy and was on the verge of having intercourse, but she pushed him back out of pain and this happened only once. 4 months after which, they broke due to fights. According to her, I am the one who actually broke her virginity because she had bleeding when she did it with me for the first time (which is a matter of fact). I have two questions. Firstly, if she had bleeding when I had sex with her for the first time, does it prove that I was the one who broke her virginity? Secondly, Should I continue the relationship with her? On one hand, the very fact that she was involved physically with a guy disturbs me a lot. Moreover, on the other hand, I appreciate the fact that she was honest and true to tell my about her past because else anyway, I could not have come to know about her past. She says that she is deeply in love with me and don’t want to lose me at this cost of telling all about her past. She also says that her past relationship was the biggest mistake she made in her life and she does not want that to reflect in her present life. Also, in the last 1.5 years, she has been very honest, loving, caring and serious with me and she really wants this relationship to end up in marriage. I am confused whether I should continue with her or not. I don’t want to hurt her by leaving her with no fault of her (because I was the one who forced her to tell me everything about her past) and also I get disturbed when I think about her past. I want to make sure that her past life should not disturb me or hurt me, if I continue this relationship .Please suggest

Whatever people may think about virginity but I strongly believe that it has some thing to do with woman’s emotions. If she has surrender physically with out emotionally involved in the act, she is virgin. In your case, it was her curious exploration rather then emotionally charged up act. I will consider her as a virgin. Bleeding is a very crude criterion to stamp virginity. Stop dissecting on her virginity, respect her honesty and go ahead in life.