I am a 20 year old guy and was never attracted towards a girl. But few months back I was attracted towards a girl when I saw her outside a movie hall & I approached to her & asked her name & no but she only gave her name & said she is committed. I didn’t say anything & went away but I felt sad about it because she was the only gal I was attracted to. But after 1 month I got to know from a friend of mine that she wanted to talk to me. Then I met her & asked what was the problem, she told me that her bf that she knew for more than 1 year went to U.S with family & she was totally alone & wanted someone to share her feelings as a friend but I said I was in love with her but she took it as a joke. Then after 1 month she was going to home & she told me she loves me & when after 12 days she came from her home I took her with myself to some other city for a change. We stayed there for one night & then came back other day. We stayed there in the same room at that night but nothing unusual happened. When we returned her bf called her & she said to me she was feeling guilty & can’t continue with me then I said no problem as I was ready to continue as a friend also. But after few days she told me the she told everything to her bf about whatever happened between us & she had been given a choice to choose between him & me & she chose me & then it was going well for 10 days but she again felt guilty & wanted to break completely with me & everything broke but after 1 month she called me up & wanted to be friend with me & I accepted but after few days I got to know her bf abused her & she broke with him. But she doesn’t want to be in any relationship as what happened with her. She is a Muslim & I am a Hindu. Earlier I was feeling guilty that because of me so much bad happened in her life but now I am happy that she had a wrong choice. Now I don’t know what to do. I am really messed up. Please help me. What should I do? She’s really childish & emotional. Please suggest me what to do.

What I understand from this is you both are immature. In my opinion you should not continue as your feelings are not steady towards each-other. You have already broke up with her, now do not start it again.