I am 46 years old lady; I have been married for the last 14 years (late marriage). Before marriage my husband had a relationship with a lady who is 7 years older than him, married with two grown up children. Though I knew it, I married him with all my heart. After 2 years she left him and I was free from that relationship. From the beginning I doubted that my husband is gay and fond of men and he is having some gay partners also. I have read one of his Email from his gay partner but he refused it. Now, in my home town he has found a new man to be his gay partner and no body doubts them. These days he is not the same man whom I loved, as he gets angry and asks me to get out of the house if I say anything about the other man. He is spending a lot of money for that man as his gay partner is also married and having children. I can feel the flow of love between these two. Should I just leave him with his gay partner or fight with him. Do these gay people change? Apart from this gay problem he is very much affectionate and loving. We have no problem in our sexual life and everything is normal. We have no children because of my infertility. Do I get him married to a younger girl so that he will be sexually satisfied and forget this gay thing. I fear he might get some disease out of this free gay sex. What am I to do now? Please advise me.

First I would like to say that he is not gay, he seems to be bisexual. (You said your sexual life is fine). And on practical ground if your overall married life is smooth then you should just ignore this behavior of his and lead a normal life with him.  About the apprehensions that you have that he might get some disease then you should freely discuss this with him on medical basis.  You need not get him married to a younger girl as this is not his dissatisfaction but is a sexual preference.