I am 31 year old married male. I am working in MNC. I have one colleague in my office. She is 23 year old single. We are good friends. We go for lunch, breakfast together. I like her and I told her that and she accepted it with smile. Many time I observed that she touches me intensely and pretend that she did it unknowingly. Sometime I also touch her knowingly to know her reaction but she doesn’t mind. Some colleagues in our office get jealousy of our relation and tried to create misunderstanding between us but she ignored all these stuffs and kept relation with me. I told her 2-3 times that we are just good friends and nothing else. At that time I observed her reaction and found that she didn’t like my statement of just good friends. Two days back she told me about her boy friend and I got depressed after I heard that. She carefully observed my reaction and asked that why you become sad? I said nothing but she got the point. What should I understand from her behavior? I know that she has feelings for me but not sure that she loves me or not?

She might have made such a remark to see your reaction or she might be seriously involved. If you consider this relation serious and are not just flirting then you may go ahead and ask her frankly as you share a friendly relation with her but before you go further in this relationship you should think that you are married.