I am 30 yrs old married male. For last few months I remember my past. I remember my old days when I was 10-12 years old (1990s age). I feel that may that time come again. I know that it is not possible at all. I feel that time should be hold/stopped. I am thinking that how young/child I was at that time (i.e. 1990s age)! Also I feel that, time is passing very fast and I am becoming old. I am afraid that my young look is getting old as the time passes. I want to remain young forever. I know that it happens with everyone and no one likes to become old. Nature does his work and we have to follow it. Though, these memories doesn’t relate with any good or bad incident. It is just related to my past day to day life when I was studying in school. People always think about future but for last few months I remember past. Though, remembering past doesn’t affect me in any type of bad way but I become emotional when I remember past. I always try to keep myself busy and active so these memories don’t come to my mind. However I want that when I remember past I should not become emotional and should not feel/want that past should come again. How can I come out of this situation?

You have developed obsession about the past. You need to relax and don’t have to do anything actively to drive out these thoughts. Try to ignore them or divert your mind whenever you become aware about drifting in the past. If you want to stay young forever then stop worrying about getting old. Even though age is a chronological phenomenon, aging is psychological and you can always defy your age by your mental attitude towards aging.