I am 30 yrs married woman and my husband is 27 yrs old man and my colleague. 2 months back we get married. My mother in law never likes me because of dowry, age and cast. Therefore, every time she creates problem for me. for my MIL my husband go and cuddle with her and sleep overnight with her he thinks she feels that he care for her but he never thinks about me that 50 days which he spend with his mother. How can I handle this situation? Even on our first night, she could not permit my husband to sleep with me. What should I do?

I think your husband is mamma’s boy. He might have looked mother figure in you and preferred you even though you are elder to him. His mother’s disliking for you is quite understandable. Try to talk to him on this issue. You should also try to share your feelings openly with your mother in law. After all, she is a woman and she will understand you better, only thing you have to do is to give her an importance, which she is getting from her son.