I am 28 yrs old married women. My husband is 32 years old. I was not virgin when I got married to my husband. He complains that my vagina is loose and doesn’t get satisfaction.

Your virginity status may or may not be related to your vaginal laxity. You can tighten your vagina by doing Kegel’s exercise, daily and regularly. It is said that kegel exercises make the vagina tighter. It is an exercise of your pelvic muscles. A popular way to identify the pelvic muscles in men and women is to stop the flow of urine midstream. This is accomplished by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. Restarting the flow of urine is accomplished by releasing the pelvic floor muscles. Once identified this way, the pelvic floor muscles can be contracted and released independently of controlling urination. Kegels are most frequently performed in sets. Here are a few techniques:
Do 15 reps of quick pumps, pause for 30 seconds and repeat. Start at 15 and work your way up to 100 reps two times a day.
Contract the muscle slowly and hold for 5 seconds, release slowly. Work your way to at least 25 reps two times a day.
slowly contract 1/3 of the way, pause, then 2/3 of the way, pause, then all the way. Do 10 reps two times a day.
If you are overweight then try to reduce your weight. During intercourse keep you leg crossed.