I am 27 yr old, well settled telecom engineer. Recently I came across an orkut community wherein I happened to meet a girl. She is 22 now & engineer by profession as well. She is having all the qualities which I wish to have in my wife. I was looking out for a long relationship which I can convert into marriage. Before starting our relationship she accepted that she had short affairs with 2 guys in high school where they do not have any physical relationship. In engineering college she had a serious affair with a guy for about a year. After two months of my proposal, checking her chat history I came to know that she still continued friendship with her Ex Boyfriend from engineering college. On the same day she accepted that they were very close to each other at times. She accepted that once on his B’day he forced her to drink & probably had fingering or sex with her. Because there were blood stains but she said next day her MC started. Now she said she is deeply in love with me & promised me that she would never ever do anything which will hurt me. I know as of now she thinks only of me. When I asked she completely discontinued contact with her previous relationships & said she would never ever contact them, just for me. We had disclosed our relation in our families. But this thing keeps on boggling me. I too love her a lot but I am confused to go ahead with it or not.

She should have confessed everything at the onset rather than after you found out. This kind of honesty is a foundation of strong long term relationship; somehow she failed to show that. Of course two months is a very short span for such bold confession but when you have asked once (she should have confessed at that time but she did not) and then you found out untold things is little disturbing. This gives me a feeling of manipulative nature that she might have. If you can digest this, then go ahead.