I am 25 year old. Sir m very interested in a women who is married, we stare at each other , do talk a lot, she is aware of my interest in her and she is quite interested too, but m unable to express it, its truly a physical attraction, how to approach her ?

Woman goes in extramarital relations primarily for her emotional requirements. Although for getting emotional support, she becomes physical but it is never her primary need in this relation. On the other hand, you have rightly confessed that you have physical attraction. This means both of you have different need in the relation. You may go ahead with clear understanding that you need to satisfy her emotional needs. If she is also having only physical need like you, which is less likely; then things are smooth otherwise it may not last long. Before you propose, be clear on this or do not cheat her. If you wish to go ahead, go and propose to her straight away, looking in her eyes