I am 22/male and a 15 year old girl thinks me as her brother and best friend. She used to be my neighbour for almost 12 years but recently (6 months ago) we became close to each other during her summer holidays when she was staying at my home for 15 days .Now I stay in a different city but was at home at that time. Earlier she used to write letters and send text messages a lot. But now she seems uninterested. She says she is busy in her studies. I tried to be a good friend and helped her in her studies and would respond to every thing she asked etc…Just being too nice. May be that’s the mistake…being too nice or push over. Now I feel bad. Overall her behaviour is ok but when I try to help her or ask her about studies she reacts as if she doesn’t like me always helping and caring about her. Everything has changed just within a in a period of 6 months. Was that my behaviour to be overly nice etc? A couple of occasions I also told her that you have forgotten me etc. I don’t want to loose her. Please help.

You don’t want to lose her but probably she doesn’t want to go ahead with you! Leave her free, if she comes back then she is yours otherwise she never meant to be.