I am 21 year old, my parents are constantly fighting. The main reason is that my mother might be suffering from depression (for which she refuses to get help) because of my grandparent’s behaviour towards her since she got married (although it was an arranged marriage). They haven’t been good to me in my childhood as well. A few years back my mother’s mom expired and since then there has been no peace at home. My mother who was a quiet person has started arguing for everything (even if she is wrong). It’s been 4 years my parents have not talked to each other properly for more than a week! My father is mostly taking my grandparents side (even if he knows they are wrong) because he thinks they are left with very less time of their life. In the entire scene I and my younger brother have suffered the most, especially with our studies. We are left with no social circle (because we cannot invite anybody at home, with a situation like that). Also my relatives are of no help. Many a times I feel I might be stepping towards depression as well. I don’t want that and need help!

This is unfortunate. Your parents should have understood this. At the most what you can do is; talk to them, explain your suffering and make them realize what they are doing to their children’s life. Alternatively, you can talk to your mother about your suffering; probably being a female she can understand your feelings faster and cooperate to improve the situation.