I am 19 years old boy. Poor hair growth on my face gives me girlish look. My friends are making fun of me. I also feel embarrassed and lack of confident from within. Sometime I feel that it’s better to end my life. Is there any hope for person like me?

It sounds that you are very much depressed but let me tell you that your problem has definite solutions. Any time after 10 to 12 years of age hair starts appearing on different body parts. For male, it’s face, chest, around genitals and under arms. If you have hair growth in other parts, you need not to worry. If you do not have hair on other parts also then you may have hormonal problems. In that case please consult Endocrinologist or your family doctor, he will guide you. Some problems do not have solutions until you talk about them to experts and mind you my young friend, death can never be a solution!