Honourable doctor, Greetings! Sir, I am a 21 year old boy. I am always used to be a sensitive guy. When I was in my 7th semester (now I am passed out). I was talking to a girl of first year just because I wanted to have sex with her. I talked to her in general, but by the time, talking on phone and in messages I found that she is deeply attached with me. She always behaves and talks like I am her everything. I thought its ok, but one day I saw her talking to other guy, and I felt insecure. so I told my girlfriend that she should not talk to him anymore, and she promised to do so. But one day I went to outstation for one day the other day one of my college mate told me that he saw my girlfriend on bike of the same guy, I told her not to even talk. I was really shocked and very angry. When I asked her, first she denied but when I told her that one of my friend has seen you, then she started crying and begging me not to leave her. She behaved like she is going to commit suicide if I’ll leave her. So I forgot it and continued with her, however she always used to be good, even very good for me, but sometimes she behaves very awkward. once my friend told me that my girlfriend once visited place of the same guy from whom I told her not to talk. when I asked her, she said that she never went to his home. but one day I asked her very forcefully then she confessed that once she went to his room but before the day I told her not to talk to him, and she did not even touched him ever. I always used to ask that if something like sex had happened between them but she always says no. Respected sir, after she told me this fact, I became very angry and left her, but after I did it, I came to know that I became obsessed with her. I can’t get her out of my mind, but few months before I wanted to get rid of her. so after four days I switched on again my mobile phone, (as it is the only medium of contact between me and her, and I switched it off so as to show my anger and that I left her) I read her intense and deeply emotional messages on my screen, she wanted me to visit her home once, I went she wept and behaved like she will die without me. but sir I always found her answers very unclear and suspicious, she always behave in a very suspicious way. She never answers my questions clearly, many times I decided to leave her but I was unable to do because now I am completely obsessed with her. Now I always use to think about her and always imagine that what she might be doing this time and imagine that how she is cheating me. I find myself unable to make a decision and these days I am going through great depression. I can’t sleep at night not even in day, I was never like that, but she has totally changed me. Sir please help me to get out this situation. How could I find that if she is true or false? How could I find peace? Sir please tell me.

You started with a desire to have a sex with her and now you are obsessed with her! You have not mentioned what made you to change your desire to obsession? Is it your weakness, her caring and love for you or the presence of her friend? I do not see transparency in your relation. You started with sexual desire, she behaved in secretive way (with lies and non-confessing attitude) and now you are ended being suspicious and depressed. Is this what we are looking in to the relationship? I think you are painfully attached to her. Your suspicions and her secrecy are not healthy for your relationship. Go ahead if both of you can really overcome that! It is very difficult to overcome these feelings, most of the time.