Hi Sir, I would first thank you for the service you provide. I am a male of 24 yrs. I would like to have your views on the following. I am working as software professional, succeeding in my work and I am happy about that too. But, coming to other side of my life I feel it very bad. I am masturbating since 7 years. Though I feel guilty, but I could not able to stop them. I use to masturbate about 3-5 times a day. I would like to know will these cause impotence. Inability to have healthy children in future? I do feel that my penis size is small will that too create any problems? I do have other problems. i.e. having problem with sleep. I am using some kind of Syrup (cough syrup) which would induce sleep so that I would sleep well. Now a day even after having them too, I am sleeping by 3AM. Will all of such activities would make me impotent. Also I am little Obese (77kgs) which also adds fuel to the fire. which makes me to feel much about that while people comment on the same. Basically I am very humorous person but the above problems makes me to deviate myself from my nature. I make myself so reserved making myself fool. Also, I started doubting all people and avoid talking to them and keeping myself reserved. I knew God has given me everything but I still feel a sense of insecurity. Can you please suggest me how to get rid of such evils and to get more out of me? But above all, if it comes either to study/work if I am focused it is very difficult for myself to come out of not thinking out them (either it is good or bad). Please reply me in detail about how to overcome such evils.

Masturbation never leads to impotence or causes unhealthy children. Penile size has psychological value but will not cause physical problems.
You are abusing cough syrup, it is not meant for inducing sleep. I think, you should seek psychiatrist’s consultation. You may try online consultation, if you do not have time.