Hi sir, I have read you advices and found them to be very logical. Please advise, I got married four months back and surprised that is this way husband and wife live together. It was a sort of love marriage. We met through net. We fought a lot for our marriage. He said no to me once before meeting me and even after meeting me and going around with me for two months, just because his family was not agreeing he said no to me. Somehow things changed and we got married. During our courtship period also there were exchange of harsh comments between his family and mine, I found his family to be money minded, he takes me for granted and situation is still the same. Now I have got married to him and his two younger brothers stay with us, he abuses and makes fun of me in front of them, gives me very less money. I am also working. The condition at my mom’s place is very bad, financially not so sound and parents separated, younger brother and sis, please suggest what to do? can I survive with a person to whom I gave my truest love and he laughs at me in front of his family. I am young now and he needs me, what after three years when I will not be as beautiful as now, (all these things have badly affected my health and mind), will he give me regards and respect which wife should get. I think a lot, my mom’s family is really worried about me since they stopped me a lot to not to marry him. I love him a lot. I think I am suffering from depression. Please advice

Give some more time to this relationship. Try to adjust without throwing blames or expectations. Do not nag him or curse his parents. Spend quality time together without discussing on sensitive issues. Try to work out on your insecurities and do some relaxation exercises (like yoga, pranayam etc). Keep yourself busy in meaningful activities. In the process, I’m sure his attitude towards you will change.